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December 12 2022

I am available Monday thru Friday

I make advance appointments by phone

 1 or 2 days ahead and no more than 1 week ahead

Although I take calls throughout the day

The best time to reach me is between

 11 30 am and 1 30pm or 4pm and 5 30pm  
Same day appointments are sometimes possible with at least 2 hours notice

Advance appointments MUST be confirmed by 11am on the day of.

I frequently miss callers who hang up after 2 or 3 rings

 please allow the phone to ring a bit longer or call back in about 10 minutes

If I am busy you will reach the answer machine after 4 rings

 it does NOT take a message

 it will tell you when I will be free to take your call

If I am out of the house you may reach my cell

 l I may NOT be in a position for long  conversation
{such as driving or in a grocery store}

 I WILL be able to answer to confirm make an appointment

or tell you when to call back for more information.

The best time to reach me is between 11 30am and 1 30pm
or 4 00pm and 5 30pm


Mistress Tatiana Belodyne
also sees friends here, for details and appointments

You MUST contact her directly
by email at

Play spaces are available for established independents
 From 11am - 9pm Monday thru Saturday

I am currently looking for ladies
 who would like to be professional domes
Flexible hours available
  From10.30am -6pm
Interested ladies must be over 22
No experience necessary
 Some knowledge helpful
Mistress Kitty