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Mistress Kitty
Available Monday thruFriday

Kitty has been a Mistress in the Bay Area and in the same location for many years.  She is mature, caring, and experienced in almost all aspects of BDSM.

To learn more about Mistress Kitty read her      INTERVIEW

"Reading Between The Lines" with William Henkin published in the Spectator Magazine 1999.

Kitty became a Professional  Dominant in England at a young age.
 Originally from the south coast she was educated at a girls boarding school.
 She spent  summers with a very Dominant Aunt who was a nurse in a Boys School in the industrial Midlands {see more about Kitty}.

She learned a great deal about male sexual fantasies by reading magazines that were confiscated from the boys by her aunt.

These childhood experiences made Kitty naturally dominant, and an expert at verbal humiliation.

Kitty's favorite fun is bondage; either tight ropes or simple restraints, blindfolds and teasing.
Teasing can involve a pleasureable light touch,  CBT,  nipple torture, anal and dildo play, spanking,  smothering or any combination of these.

  Ritual spanking, caning and other forms of corporal punishment are also among Kitty's specialities.

Kitty  likes role play auntie naughty boy, boss, secretary, schoolteacher, or nanny.

 Are you not a good boyfriend or husband in which case you may become her cuckold.

Kitty prepares the Enema Bag
 Kitty enjoys being a  naughty sexy nurse who will  examine you  to see what kind of treatment is needed to correct your problem.

Want to be a girl? Kitty will dress you up and may even paint your face to make you her sexy slut. Maybe she will make you her maid and teach you to serve  English-style afternoon tea, for her girlfriends.


  PLEASE NOTE  Kitty does NOT offer SEX  ELECTRICAL PLAY or anything which


She also do NOT use SOUNDS or CATHETERS

Mistress Kitty