The English Mistress                                                   

We are located in Oakland

  To Schedule an Appointment:  

      We only make appointments by telephone.

  We  answer the phone between 10:30 am  and 5:30 p.m.

  Our latest appointment starts at 6:00 p.m.

 You may make your appointment on the same day
No more than three days in advance

Advance appointments will need to be confirmed by 11:00 a.m  on the day.

   We book sessions from one half  hour to three hours in length, depending on your interests.  

 If you require a longer session  it MAY be  negotiable once we know you.

Please note overnight sessions are NOT available.

Please explore our site  thoroughly  and  read our personal and sessions pages.
Be prepared to tell us which mistress you are interested in.

 Be prepared to tell us briefly about your interests,
to establish that you are compatable with the Mistress that you would like to see.

 Check the schedule make sure the Mistress you want is available on the day you want.

       You may have a session with more than one Mistress at a time.  
This can be arranged  and negotiated several ways, as  total session, or a session  including  a cameo appearance, of any length  by any  or all of the other Mistresses.

We  have an extensive wardrobe of fetish wear , leather, latex, lace , lingerie,
boots, spike heel pumps, nylons, garter belts etc.
                         It is acceptable to request that the Mistress  wear a specific type of outfit.

 It is appropriate to  arrive clean  and prepared for your session
and to be as prompt as our bay area traffic allows.
If you are running late due to traffic  give us a call and let us know

  If you are more than 15 min late and we have not heard from you there is a possibility that your session time may be taken by someone who is eagerly awaiting a cancellation.

Mistress Kitty       Mistress Natalie-Rose


Want to know Who's in today??

Check our Daily Schedule page

How to make an appointment