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           Frequently asked Questions   

 Where are you located?

   We are in the Maxwell Park area of Oakland

 Are you in a safe Neighborhood?  

 Yes: I have been in the same location for many years and on good terms with my neighbors who understand that I run a bookkeeping service.
 We do not keep late hours or weekends or have a lot of traffic in and out, we are very discreet.  

  Our neighborhood is not affluent but very safe, mostly owner occupied working families and retirees who have all lived in the neighborhood for years

 Not  an area of gang , drugs and violent activity, such as in East or West  Oakland.  

 There is usually plenty of parking close to the house,   and your car will also be quite safe.

  Will other the clients in the house see me?

No; the layout of our house makes it very easy for everyone to come and go without   seeing each other.

 Can I take a shower there before my session?

 You may of course take a quick shower if necessary, before or after your session.

We love our house; but it has only one bathroom, therefore we need to keep bathroom time to a minimum, we would prefer you take care of personal hygiene before your visit whenever possible !
 Is tipping required?

Tipping is not required but if you would like to it is a nice way of showing appreciation.

 Do I have to bring a gift?

We do not require gifts if you enjoy bringing gifts for your mistress we love chocolate in small amounts or small toys.
Please do not bring flowers.

 Would you take videos or pictures of me?

We do not have a video camera but will sometimes take still pictures with your permission or at your request.  We will only put pictures in our picture gallery with your permission and we will not show faces.
 If you would like personal a souvenir of your session showing your face we will be happy to e- mail you an original , or take pictures with your camera

 Do I have to have my own clothes for cross- dressing?

 We have lots of dress up clothes, shoes, hair and makeup, everything necessary to turn you into a pretty girl or a sexy slut.
You may bring your own clothes if you would like to.

  PLEASE NOTE  WE do NOT offer SEX  ELECTRICAL PLAY or anything which


We also do NOT use SOUNDS or CATHETERS

We rarely do sessions with couples but once we know you we MAY be open to you bringing a ladyfriend to play.

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