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Mistress Meeko

Asian petite busty
Shoe size 5.5
Available Monday thru Thursday

Wise beyond her years, this charming  young lady {mid twenties}
 would like to make you helpless with cuffs chains or ropes, and use you as her sexy toy.

 She sensuously runs her hands over your helpless body.
 tweaking and teasing your most sensitive areas,
You might be blindfolded only able to feel the heat from her sexy slender hot body
and the fullness of her big firm breasts.

 as she slowly removes her silky lingerie
Unable to see
 but able to smell the subtle perfume of her long soft hair as it brushes against your naked skin.

Will you be her girl  wearing  sexy silky lingerie, a slutty bitch to serve
her strap on?
 She may paint your face with slutty blue eyeshadow and red hot lipstick.

Meeko has a playful sadistic streak and loves to be a mean Mistress.

Testing limits of pain and humiliation, how much are you willing to take to please her?
She might giggle as she punches, kicks, squeezes,
  and places clamps and weights on your most precious parts.

Standing over you, she could trample you with her bare feet or high spike heels.

She may want you to kiss and pamper her pretty pedicured feet.
Maybe she will give you a hard spanking, caning whipping or flogging!

Will you be her Hero? or will you beg for mercy.

If you beg for it you may enjoy the privilege of  drinking her warm golden champagne   
 will you get a  shower as she pours it all over your body?

  Occasionally Meeko will consent to be  submissive and likes some switch bondage.
She also likes to role play being a sassy, seductive, young girl  who needs to be tied up or get spanked
 {no bruises please}
To teach her not to be so naughty.

  PLEASE NOTE: Meeko does NOT offer SEX, ELECTRICAL PLAY or anything which


We also do NOT use SOUNDS or CATHETERS

We rarely do sessions with couples but once we know you we MAY be open to you bringing a ladyfriend to play.

Mistress Kitty    



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